Disposable Bipolar Forceps

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Disposable ESU surgical tweezers Irrigation/Dripping Electrosurgical Coagulation Bipolar Forceps Assembled


Product Features:
1. High quality stainless steel;
2. Integrated Molded Terminal Connector;
3. Durable Insulation With a High Dielectric Strength;
4. Polished Tips

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Product parameters

Alloy material make quick heat conduction, low power coagulation to avoid damaging tissue.

The fine and smooth tips make surgery site more accurate.

The inside water flow regulator can be adjusted and controlled according to clinical needs, the tips carries water controls and lowers the temperature of the surgical site, stops bleeding quickly and remains non-sticky all the time.

Skull base surgery can achieve hypothermia, ablation, hemostasis, and non-stick effect without water transfusion

Coating color are changable according customer requires.

Oem is acceptable.

Application Departments: Neurosurgery, Orthopedics surgery, E.N.T. Department, Thyroid Department, Plastic surgery, General Surgery

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