About SurgilabMore

Surgilab Medical, supplies anesthesia device, pain management, oxygen therapy, diagnostic products and non-woven surgical packs, with factory at Henan Province, which established in 2007, has 90,000 m2 production plant and 500 employees.

Surgilab has strict quality control system, professional team to ensure products quality.

Company Mission:

Better Quality, Better Service, Better Price

Surgilab Main Products:

Needles: Epidural Needle, Spinal Needle, Nerve Stimulate Needle (Stimuplex Needle), Huber Needle (Huber Infusion Set/ Winged Infusion Set), Radio Frequency (RF) Needle, Brachytherapy Needle, Split Needle, Blood Collection Needle, Hypodermic Needle, Transfer Device;
Anesthesia Device: Combined Spinal Epidural Kit, Disposable Balloon Infusion Pump (CBI Pump, PCA Pump), Anesthesia Mask;
Others: Blood collection tube, Suction liner, Suction canister
Non-woven Surgical Packs: Abdominal Surgery Pack, Disposable Cesarean delivery Pack, Disposable Delivery Pack, Disposable Thyroid Pack;
Other Products: Blood Collation Tube, Suction Liner, Suction Canister, Foley Catheter, Central Venous Catheter Kit, Latex Suction Catheter;
Medical Device Production Lines:
Anesthesia Mask Production Line Including Liquid Pvc Skill;
Blood Collection Tube Assemble Line;
Laryngeal Mask Airway Production Line;
Oxygen Mask Production Line.